Student Stories

Mehzabin Nahar Chowdhury (2016-17) Thiensville, Wisconsin

Getting accepted for YES program was the best thing that has ever happened to me! Coming from a small town with limited resources and opportunities, my dreams were rather big. I grew up in a society where most girls were married off before they reached the age of 18! It neither could stop my academic aspirations nor my desires to explore and expand my horizon. Before YES, I would run to the rooftop just to catch a glimpse of airplanes flying by, but after I got selected for YES, I found myself in the middle of world’s largest and busiest international airports, changing flights. YES gave wings to my dreams and now only sky is the limit!

Tanziuzzaman Sakib (2016-17) Rowlett, Texas

Have you ever pinched yourself to make sure that you are not dreaming because everything happening in your life is too amazing to be true? YES program gave me that feeling! It taught me that life can be better than dreams. Words are inadequate to express how grateful I am to YES program for giving me this fantastic opportunity to evolve into a better person through some incredible experiences during my exchange year. It had not only given me the opportunity to experience one of the best education systems in the world or to learn how to ride a horse like a cowboy from the movies but also blessed me with many amazing moments. YES program changed my worldview, widened my heart and helped me to really grow up.

Ahmad Nirjhar Mohiuddin (2016-17) Colombus, Indiana 

YES program helped me chase my dreams. I studied as in grade 11 at Columbus Signature Academy New Tech. I completed my program successfully with the help of my family and friends that I made in America. The USA I knew from the movies was not real. My life USA was a combination of challenges and fun! America was different from Bangladesh in terms of rules, laws, language, food, and culture. YES program has helped me grow certain senses of responsibility. I now know how to wash my clothes, clean the bathroom, and cook. YES program taught me how to keep a positive mindset and keep bringing positive change in the world. This is an experience that is worth experiencing and sharing!

Targiv Sanan Roham (2015-16) The Colony, Texas

The day I stepped into America, was the first day of the rest of my life. In a short span of only ten months, I have met people from over 20 countries, been to 6 states, carved a pumpkin, eaten a thanksgiving turkey, decorated a Christmas tree, cooked on a barbecue grill, seen cars from the 1920’s, served the community for over 400 hours, been to a Dallas Cowboys game, presented my country to over a thousand people in total, eaten a 42“ pizza, learned surfing and hula dancing, met a cowboy, been to a church, played football, laser-tag and ultimate Frisbee, solved a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, been on plane for over 10 hours, seen a musket being fired and lived in a different country all for the first time in my life. Everyone has remarkable memories in their life but, I assure you, not as many as us YES scholars. We are a privileged bunch of kids. We cherish our memories but also look back at how it has changed us. We have surely grown, adapted, learned and found ourselves in places we had never thought we would.