With great pleasure we announce that the qualification process for the Asia Kakehashi Program 2021-2022 begins today. The Asia Kakehashi Program is a 6-10 months-long cultural exchange program between Japan and Bangladesh. 

On 5th June, 2017, then Prime Minister to Japan ABE Shinzo announced at the banquet of the 23rd International Conference on ‘The Future of Asia,’ that Japan will provide opportunities for Asian high school students, who are studying Japanese, to live in Japan for up to 10 months for conducting cultural exchange.

To that end AFS Intercultural Programs, Japan was appointed to implement the Asia Kakehashi Program in collaboration with AFS Partner organizations and NGOs in Asia. In Bangladesh, the Asia Kakehashi Program is administered by AFS India and iEARN-BD.

The Asia Kakehashi scholarship program aims to heighten potential interest in Japan by creating friendship between Japanese people and high school students of other countries in Asia. This program is fully funded by the Japanese Government and is focused on facilitating intercultural exchange and understanding between teenagers of Japan and high school students of other Asian Countries.

In the Asia Kakehashi Program the students travel to Japan and live either in a host family or a dormitory for 6 to 8 months. All Asia Kakehashi students have to study in a Japanese high school during the program. The goal of the program participant is to learn Japanese cultural practices from their host community and present Bangladesh’s culture and celebrations to their Japanese hosts.

The eligibility criteria for the Asia Kakehashi Program 2021-2022 are as follows:

  1. Students have to be between 15-18 years of age during the program. The date of birth of the students must be within 2nd April, 2003 to 1st April, 2006.
  2. The student must be a Bangladeshi citizen.
  3. The student must have a minimum of 60% in all subjects in the current year and the previous two years’ school transcripts/mark sheets.
  4. Student must be a learner of Japanese.
  5. Student must demonstrate strong potential of leadership to act as a bridge between the home country and Japan during and after the program.
  6. The student has not participated in the Asia Kakehashi program before.

The Asia Kakehashi Program stipulates that priority is given to students of families with low income.

The qualification process for the Asia Kakehashi Program is given below:

  1. Submission of Asia Kakehashi Project 2021 Inquiry Form
  2. Submission of Preliminary Application Form
  3. Attending Phone interview
  4. Submission of Final Application
  5. Attending Final Interview

The deadline for submitting the Asia Kakehashi Project 2021 Inquiry Form is 20th January, 2021.

The link to the Asia Kakehashi Project 2021 Inquiry Form: https://forms.gle/PTVfSq6UhSE4FZYNA