You can submit preliminary applications for K-L YES Program 2022-2023 in Two ways:

1.Online application: In order to apply online (strongly recommended), please click on the button below:

Online Application Portal

On the portal the applicant must first create an account with their email address before s/he can access the K-L YES Program preliminary application. Applicants can use this account to log into the system throughout the application process. Applicants can save the application and return to it before submitting it. An applicant must read all instructions carefully. While filling in the application, the applicant must upload a scanned copy of passport size photograph, birth certificate, transcripts of current year and previous three years.

When applicants finish their applications, they should review the application to ensure they have completed all the required questions and attached all the requested documents before they submit their application. After submitting the application, applicants will not be able to make edits. Only complete applications submitted with the required documents, which fulfill the eligibility criteria, will qualify for the next stage of the qualification process.

2.Paper application: In order to download the Preliminary Application Form of K-L YES Program 2022-2023, please click on the link below:

Paper Application Form

After printing out the preliminary application, and filling it in, the applicant must include supporting documents, which are one copy passport size photograph lab-print, attested photocopies of birth certificate and attested photocopies of transcripts of current year and previous three years.

Guideline about transcript submission:

1) Transcript or recommendation for current grade/class in 2021. (Optional)

2) Transcript or recommendation for grade/class completed in 2020. (Mandatory)

3) Transcript for grade/class completed in 2019. (Mandatory)

4) Transcript for grade/class completed in 2018. (Mandatory)

If the transcript is unavailable for 2020, then the student must provide a recommendation letter from the institution head/teacher on the institution letterhead, stating the class/grade the student studied in 2020, with seal and signature. The recommendation must have an average grade based on assignments and online class performance.

After the application package is ready, send it to the iEARN-BD office through postal or courier service.

The deadline for submission of completed applications is 4PM, Sunday, October 31, 2021.