Student Stories

Mehzabin Nahar Chowdhury - Thiensville, Wisconsin

Getting accepted for YES program was the best thing that has ever happened to me! Coming from a small town with limited resources and opportunities, my dreams were rather big. I grew up in a society where most girls were married off before they reached the age of 18! It neither could stop my academic aspirations nor my desires to explore and expand my horizon. Before YES, I would run to the rooftop just to catch a glimpse of airplanes flying by, but after I got selected for YES, I found myself in the middle of world’s largest and busiest international airports, changing flights. YES gave wings to my dreams and now only sky is the limit!

Sharfuddin Shawon - The Colony, Texas

Before YES program, I was a shy person. I had a fear of public speaking. I would get nervous during my presentation. YES program has given me the confidence to be in public and lead from the front. I find it interesting that my friends not only acknowledge the change I have been through but also gives me compliments like I am an engaging person when it comes to presentation skills.

Zaheera Khandaker - West Salem,  Wisconsin

I believe that if there is anything that can bring about the best change in oneself, it would be becoming a cultural exchange student. I am immensely grateful to YES program for its enormous impact in my life. I have learned to deal with everyday struggles of being independent, gained endurance for diversity, learned a new culture, shared my own culture with a community that had little or no knowledge of it. I am now stronger than I ever was! 

Ahmad Nirjhar Mohiuddin  - Colombus, Indiana 
YES program helped me chase my dreams. I studied as in grade 11 at Columbus Signature Academy New Tech. I completed my program successfully with the help of my family and friends that I made in America. The USA I knew from the movies was not real. My life USA was a combination of challenges and fun! America was different from Bangladesh in terms of rules, laws, language, food, and culture. YES program has helped me grow certain senses of responsibility. I now know how to wash my clothes, clean the bathroom, and cook. YES program taught me how to keep a positive mindset and keep bringing positive change in the world. This is an experience that is worth experiencing and sharing! 
Sanjana Sayed - Caldwell, Idaho
YES program is not just living the ‘American Dream’ but far beyond that. It is a year of learning, representing my traditions, sharing my culture and weaving a better world together with understanding and love. It is a bridge between the two completely different worlds. I embarked on this challenging adventure only to see myself becoming a problem-solver and a more experienced person. YES made my inner qualities flourish and discover a new, better me.  I crawled out of my comfort zone and ventured the unknown. I made friends from around the world and created ties that connected hearts. YES gave me memories of a lifetime!
Tasnia Tahsin Tuli - Coleman, Michigan 
YES program is like a story that started with nothing and gave me hundreds of memories and thousands of smiles! It was best year of my life because it changed me into someone better and filled me with the inspiration to bring a positive change in my life and the world. I understood that it was not just about living in America but about the realization that “I can do it”! 
Zarin Tasnim Lamiya - Paradise, California 
USA has always been my dream country to go study in. YES program made that dream of mine come true! Being a cultural ambassador of Bangladesh gave me the opportunity to learn about American culture and share my own culture with the American people as well. Spending one academic year in America helped me build a global network of friends and family! For the first time in my life, I had to live away from my natural family and it made me sad but little did I know that it was just another opportunity to get a warm welcome from an American family and community who would love me as one of their own! YES program was a journey that journey came with challenges. I overcame all of them by myself and I am thankful for that opportunity because I believe that in life the adventure starts at the end of comfort-zone!
Tanziuzzaman Sakib - Rowlett, Texas
Have you ever pinched yourself to make sure that you are not dreaming because everything happening in your life is too amazing to be true? YES program gave me that feeling! It taught me that life can be better than dreams. Words are inadequate to express how grateful I am to YES program for giving me this fantastic opportunity to evolve into a better person through some incredible experiences during my exchange year. It had not only given me the opportunity to experience one of the best education systems in the world or to learn how to ride a horse like a cowboy from the movies but also blessed me with many amazing moments. YES program changed my worldview, widened my heart and helped me to really grow up! 


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